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About Ferreñafe

History of Ferreñafe

This northern city, that belongs to the province of Lambayeque, was founded under the name of Santa Lucia de Ferreñafe, by the Spanish captain Alonso de Osorio, on December the 13th 1550. It’s popularly known as the “Land of the Double Faith”, since the first settlers conserved the pagan practices and at the same time they practiced the catholic faith. However, it’s also known as “Double Faith” (“Fe” in Spanish) since its name starts with “fe” letters and finishes with the same syllable. In the beginning the city was settled close to Batan Grande, but between 1566 and 1578 the inhabitants moved to the current location; the first settlement is called Ferreñafe Viejo.

Helpful information

-From Ferreñafe, you can visit the main northern cities as Chiclayo or Lambayeque in short time (in 20-30 minutes you get there) taking shared taxis, called “colectivos” (that you pay around s/ 25).
-The city is located at 11 mi (18 km) to the north-west of Chiclayo.
-The climate in Ferreñafe and the nearby cities is warm and semi-tropical, with temperatures that oscillate from 64.4 °F (18 °C) and 75.2 °F (24 °C) in summer time.
-It’s recommended to be prepared for the long trekkings with sport shoes and light and comfortable clothes.
-Keep in mind that the sun radiation is quite strong, so it’s essential to have with you sunscreen and sun glasses. You should also bring a bottle of water so that you don’t feel dehydrate.
-From February to April the rains are recurring and in some cases intense. It you travel in that period, be prepared, in some cases the streets are flooded.
-You should also have repellent, since the water of rains favor the apparition of mosquitos and other insects.
-If you need more tourist information, you can ask for a special map at the municipality, located in the surroundings of the Plaza de Armas in Ferreñafe.

How to get around Ferreñafe?

The main transportation to get around through the city of Ferreñafe is the “mototaxi”, since being a little city, it’s not required vehicles as buses or little buses. You also have the “taxi colectivo” (shared taxis), but this one is more used to get around in inter-city routes, as well as the micro-buses.

The cost of the mototaxi service is between s/ 0.50 and s/ 3. The shared taxis routes are at s/ 2.5 to s/ 3.5 for the service inside the city. To get to the nearby cities as Chicayo you will pay s/ 20 to s/ 30. The micro buses have more low-cost rates from s/ 6 to s/ 10 (for inter-city routes).

Risks and cautions

The risks in Ferreñafe are of nature type. The floods in the city can arrive when the cannal ditches that surround the town excess the limit, altering the public and the private property, besides the comfort of your stay. Those floods take place also in rainy periods, since due to the intensity and frequence the rain water accumulates and damages the urban structures; besides that the stagnant waters are the focus of mosquitos that transmit sickness as dengue fever or zika.

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Tourist Attractions

Getting to Ferreñafe

Plaza de Armas de Ferreñafe
Location: between Bolivar and Prolongacion Union, in the downtown
Hours: all day
Price: free entrance
The features of its square refer to a typical Spanish style, with large spaces, green areas and an ornamental fountain, brought directly from Spain in 1857. This square is the main scenary of the civic activities of the province for being the capital.

Iglesia Santa Lucia de Ferreñafe
Location: in front of the Plaza de Armas
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Price: free entrance
Founded in 1864, the church of Santa Lucia has a baroque colonial architectural style that can be appreciated in its twin towers, its front, and inside, where there is a retable of the 18th century. The church took to be built 130 days and is made of brick, gypsum and adobe in its structure. You will admire beautiful details as the shield of the church that has as emblem the blue eyes of Santa Lucia, as a symbol of its saint martyrdom.

Casona Los Portales
Location: Nicanor Carmona n° 601 - 603
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Price: free entrance
This old mansion of republic style was an exclusive club where took place the meetings of the political and social elite. There was even a mute cinema in its rooms called “Pathé”. It’s the only mansion of Lambayeque that has such architecture, with an arch held by columns. Nowadays it’s quite deteriorated.

Around Ferreñafe

Museo Nacional de Sican
Location: Av. Batan Grande cdra. 9, on the highway to Pitipo
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Price: s/ 8 (adults), s/ 3 (students), s/ 1 (schoolchildren)
You will find a lot of museums in Peru, but few as the Museo Nacional de Sican, started in 2001 as part of a cultural project of Peru and Japan. The museum harbors a great collection of archaeological remains belonging to the Sican culture, found in Batan Grande. The experience of going through the museum and its rooms is unique, and it stands out for the contents presented in a teaching way.

Forest of Pomac
Location: at 7 mi (11.5 km) to the north of the city (15 min by car)
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Price: s/ 10 (adults) - s/ 5 (teenagers and children)
The historic sanctuary of Forest of Pomac is a protected area where you will find nature, adventure and archaeological places, the perfect ensemble for the people who like a complete experience. Birdswatching will be one of the activities that you will enjoy in this forest of majestic carob trees that you can see on its leafy nature. You have also the option of visiting the archaeological center where you will learn about the ancestral culture of Sican.

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What to do in Ferreñafe?

Horse rides in Pomac forest
Location: Sanctuary of the forest of Pomac
Enjoy a cavalcade through this natural and historic route that includes archaeological sites as the Huaca Las Ventanas or the legendary millenary tree, a huge carob that dates from hundreds of years. This tour can be taken in the same sanctuary, although there are agencies that offer it from Chiclayo and Ferreñafe, which include guided tours, food and transportation (from the hotel to the Sanctuary and return).

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Gastronomy of Ferreñafe

Typical dishes of Ferreñafe

Seco de cabrito
This emblem dish of the northern cities can be prepared in different ways depending on the place and chef. In general the kid is seasonned with garlic, pepper, salt, cummin and “chicha de jora” (a typical drink) and then it’s macerated for some hours. Then a dressing of onions and garlic is prepared to add to the kid. After that liquefied coriander is left to cook for an hour. Normally the kid is accompanied rice, mannioc and beans.

Causa ferreñafana
This plate is a variable of the traditional “causa”, but with a northern flavor. The ingredients to prepare it are boiled potato, sweet potato, manioc, corn and banana, all of it mashed until it’s as mush, and then it’s seasonned with pepper, salt, lemon juice and oil. To this preparation is added a cooked onion and finally on the center they add a portion of fried fish.

Sopa de choclo
This exquisite soup is made of soaked bread and hen soup. It’s also prepared a special dressing of onion, garlic, chilly pepper and saffron that is mixed with the bread. Then all the ingredients are boiled until they’re ready. At the end fried bananas are added to the soup. You can take it with white rice if you wish.

Espesado de res
It’s a typical dish that consists of a soup prepared with grated corn and cow soup. To the soup they add pumpkin and green beans.

Restaurants in Ferreñafe

Lucila Restaurant
Location: Calle 13 de Diciembre, 110
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: doesn’t say

Rosita Inga
Location: Calle Tacna cdra. 3
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: doesn’t say
Find the best cured meat at this typical of Ferreñafe food, where everything is accompanied by a refreshing and concentrated chicha de jora.

Las Yovera
Location: Calle Garavito 256 P.J. Túpac Amaru
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: doesn’t say
Do you look for a 100% typical experience? In this cheap and spicy restaurant you will obtain it tasting its “espesado”, “sopa de choclo” or the popular “causa ferreñafana”.

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Accomodations in Ferreñafe

Hospedaje Arcangel
Location:Calle Nicanor Carmona 342 A
Price: doesn’t say
It’s a welcoming place where you can spend a night in comfortable rooms for a reasonable price.

Hospedaje La Miel
Location: Augusto B. Leguía 692
Price: doesn’t say

Hospedaje Señor De Sicán
Location: Calle San Martín 505
Precio: doesn’t say

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Important dates in Ferreñafe

Festividad del Señor de la Justicia
(April 25th / October the 25th)
This festival is celebrated since 1932 twice a year, in April and October. The previous days to the central celebration there are different activities and among them stand out the music bands and serenades. The central days are April and October the 25th and start with noisy fireworks, followed by peals and the joyful music of the bands. After the main mass the image of the Señor de la Justicia is taken in a procession through the most important streets of Ferreñafe city. Ending the day of the festival, attractive pyrotechnic castles are burnt and people dance at the rythm of a joyful music.

Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen
(July, the 7th to the 21st)
The image of the virgin is located in the Santa Lucia church, where parishioners have a meeting to pray and for the mass, previous to the preparations to take in pilgrimage the image, all of it with the company of the Army music band.

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Nightlife in Ferreñafe

Discoteca Manaos
Location: Av. Mariscal Cáceres 325
Hours: 7:00 p.m. - 4:00 a.m.
Price: Doesn’t say
A modern nightclub located at the entrance of the city, where you will have fun with varied shows and you will dance at the rythm of the best music selected by the most experienced DJs from the North coast. The price of the drinks as vodka may be expensive to you, but it’s because there is no a lot of nightlife offer in Ferreñafe.

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How to get to Ferreñafe by bus?

To get to Ferreñafe from Lima, you can take a bus to Chiclayo or Lambayeque and make the rest of the trip by a shared taxi or tourist bus. You can choose among the buses of Oltursa, Excluciva, Tepsa, Linea, Turismo Cautivo, Civa, Sajy Bus and Turismo Dias, and pay for the bus ticket from s/ 55 to s/ 160. The estimate time of travel is 13 hours. Once that you are in Chiclayo (or Lambayeque) you will have to take a shared taxi or a bus for s/ 25 to the city of Ferreñafe (this route takes just 20 min.).

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