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About Juanjui

History of Juanjui

In the pre-Columbian period the territory was dominated by diverse indigenous groups as arawacs, tupis and guaranies. With the passage of time the groups who controlled the territory were known as cholones and hibitos until the evangelism and set of laws took place by the Franciscans in the 17th century.
The founder of the city is Jose Gaspar Lopez Salcedo, a Spanish who arrived to Peru in 1817 and fought for the realist cause without success, reason why he decided to remake his life in Lamas. He was told about a place with abundant resources, so he began the travel to Chacho and in 1826 with the support of the settlers they decided to enlarge the territory they occuppied. In December the 24th 1827 was founded the town, the Virgen de las Mercedes date, and the name of Juanjui is in honor of Juan Huido, an indian who emigrate to the area in previous times.

Helpful information

-The climate of Juanjui is warm and humid and has an average temperature of 80,6 °F (27 °C).
-The city has abundant precipitations throughout the year, the driest season goes from June to August. It's always recommended to have an umbrella by hand.
-Using pale color clothes and cotton clothes will help to maintain you cold to support the heat of the city; it's recommended not to forget the sunscreen against the UV rays.
-It's recommended to be vaccinated against the yellow fever, hepatitis A/B and the anti-tetanus injection, specially if you go through rural areas or surrounded by nature.
-You should learn about the growth of the Huallaga river flow, since it's close to the city and could represent a risk for the people who are close to it.

How to get around in Juanjui?

The traveler can get around the city by taxi, bus and mototaxi, which is the cheapest mean of transportation. The settlers also get around by motorbike and van.
The lowest rate that you obtain travelling by mototaxi is s/ 1 in short and direct distances. The cost of the public transportation is from s/ 1, depending on your destination. To get around by taxi the cost goes from s/ 3 to s/ 10, depending on how far is the place where you want to go to, and it's usually faster and more direct. Keep in mind that you can negotiate with the driver before boarding the vehicle.

Risks and cautions

The downtown of the city is the safest area and the natural areas which are not yet paved are the ones that represent a higher risk, since the criminals can take advantage of the conditions. It's not recommended to bring high value objects at the sight of other people and not seeing them since there can occur thefts or even assaults, and be more awaiting at night.

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Tourist attractions

Getting to Juanjui

Plaza de Armas
Location: downtown of Juanjui
Hours: all day
Price: free entrance
Surrounded by the green of nature, the Plaza de Armas is the place that welcomes the visitors. There you can take a rest of the sun heat that wraps the city while you admire the monument in honor of the chachapoyas culture with several symbols that  you can also see in the ruins of Gran Pajaten.

Huallaga river
Location: close to the city
Hours: all day
Price: free entrance
Since the river is very close to the city you can have an impressive view of the huge Huallaga river and the green panorama that surrounds the city. You can see some islands in the river and the settlers who use the boats to cross the river.

Around Juanjui

Archaeological complex El Gran Pajaten
Location: close to the property of Guasimal
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information
This huge archaeological complex is the legacy of the Chachapoyas culture, a construction made before the Incas conquest. You can admire enigmatic statues made on wood, underground constructions mixed up with the mountain, circular constructions with appealing figures and tribe paints. The importance is so high that part of the landscape was captured  in one of the currencies of the numismatics Riqueza y Orgullo del Peru del BCRP.

Parque Nacional del Río Abiseo
Location: at 3,10 mi (5 km) from the city
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information
It's a beautiful natural place that harbors the appealing miniature dwarfs -small trees that usually are surrounded by fog- and where species as the cactus, bromelias and even fungus and ferns take surprising shapes to survive in the hostile environment where they live. There is a register of more than 900 animal species that live in the national park.

Timon waterfall
Location: District of Huicongo
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information
The waterfall has a height of 65,6 feet (20 meters) and 100 meters of width and it's a natural attraction in nature that exhibits forest stratums with fungus, lichen and other species. From its privileged location you can see the fauna of the place while you wlk across and receive the dew drops of the waterfall.

Caves of Cunchuhuillo and El Burro
Location: the town of Panecillos, at 6,2 mi (10 km) from Chulucanas
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information
Those caves exhibit and interesting panorama with water pools that if you listen to the legend were made by a hibito warrior and his soldiers who looked for the princess of the enemy's tribe, the cholones, who was buried by her father when he discovered their love relationship. It's told also that the stalactites and stalagmites of the place were formed by the tears of the princess. You can admire nearby the petroglyphs with all kind of mystic designs and other shapes.

El Breo waterfall
Location: close to the district of Huicungo
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information
Amazing waterfalls surrounded by a great diversity of flora and fauna; the water used to fall in a huge rock that with the passage of time was drilled by it, the rebounds of the water on the sides allowed the great flowering rich in all kind of species, increasing more the beauty of the surroundings. The waterfall has a height of 229 feet (70 meters) and has diverse floors also covered by the green moss, just an ideal place to take a rest, admiring the surrounding nature.

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What to do in Juanjui

Trekking through the natural areas
Location: Breo waterfalls
Surrounded by green landscapes and trees that grow nearby, you can practice trekking with a group of friends for appreciating beautiful landscapes and ejoying the view of the interesting and varied fauna in its natural habitat, as monkeys, birds, mammals which spend the time peacefully in this wonderful place.

Promenades by boat
Location: Puerto Grau
Enjoy a privilege view while you slide on water by boat, with a guide who can tell you the oldest legends until the most interesting details about plants and animals. Live the adventure through the wide areas of the river and get to know Juanjui from other point of view.

Adventurous motocross
Location: Laguna Venecia motocross circuit
Feel the excitement of running in a motorbike jumping diverse obstacles on your way, the adrenalin on your veins and the impressive view of all that surrounds you when you are on the top of the jump; try to maintain the equilibrium in order to not falling.

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Gastronomy in Juanjui

Typical dishes of Juanjui

Delicious juane that besides the typical hen, rice, garlic, olives and several spices has pieces of pork with the rice, an ingredient that highlights the flavor of this typical food.

Tacacho con cecina
It's a tasty dish made of fried green banana, cured meat, chorizo, fat and pieces of pork rind which give a unique flavor. You can eat it in the morning or the afternoon, but don't you miss it!

Sudado de doncella
It's prepared with doncella (a type of fish), with tomato, lemon, coriander, chili pepper, salt and chicha de jora (a typical drink of Peru), among others.

A grilled fish or made on the oven marinated with salt inside and outside, and with a special seasoning made of pepper and cumin, garlic, onion and some chili pepper, wrapped in banana leafs. 

Restaurants in Juanjui

Restaurante Cevicheria El Norteño
Location: Prolongación La Punta 282
Hours: 09:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. and from 07:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Price: no available information
Taste a variety of dishes at this restaurant, as ceviche mixto, chicharrón de pescado, pescado frito con delicioso y crocante plátano frito, among others besides that the place is very welcoming.

Peje Rey Cebicheria & Marisqueria
Location: extension of Miguel Grau 229
Hours: 07:30 a.m. - 04:00 p.m.
Price: no available information
There are various dishes to taste at this colorful restaurant as arroz con langostinos, parihuela, arroz chaufa con pescado, chicharrón mixto, leche de tigre, among others. It's located in the proximity to the Plaza de Armas and has a great quality of service.

Champions Restaurant
Location: extension of Miguel Grau 263
Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 07:00 p.m.
Price: no available information
It's a modest environment for the traveler, but has a great variety of dishes, what make of Champions an ideal place to enjoy in Juanjui.

Polleria Ben 10
Location: Jr. Huallaga
Hours: 06:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
Price: s/ 10 to s/ 46
Take pleasure of a delightful charcoal-cooked chicken in Polleria Ben 10 with a cold drink or a typical juice from the place. You can also taste the appealing cakes they propose, you will want to taste them when you see them.

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Accomodations in Juanjui

Hotel Capricornio
Location: Eduardo Pena Meza 1185
Rate: no available information
Enjoy the comfort of the rooms of the Capricornio hotel, where you will have a pleasant stay with its reception desk, furniture on wood, beautiful and varied plants that decorate the garden and a flashy pool to swim in the afternoon.

Hospedaje Abiseo
Location: Jr. Puno 300
Rate: s/ 40 to s/ 120
This lodging is placed at just 1 block from the Plaza de Armas and offers to the visitors rooms that have amenities as private bathroom, cable TV, a system of thermal insulation and semiorthopedic beds with springs; you will also have a fast access to diverse places of interest and malls.

Hospedaje Eden
Location: Jr. Ayacucho with Jr. Ica
Rate: no available information
They propose from simple to marital rooms, private bathroom, cable TV, wifi. It's a sober lodging for not very demanding people.

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Important dates in Juanjui

Semana turística de la Provincia de Juanjui
Date: June-July
On occasion of the province anniversary of the Mariscal Caceres you can admire on the streets allegorical cars, troupes that cheer up the parades, traditional dances and a great gastronomy fair that shows the most delicious dishes of the region. The Kuntur Raymi is celebrated as well as the rituals of Pajaten at the end of the week and you can appreciate the appealing burning of castles, serenades and the horse race.

Fiesta Patronal de la Virgen de la Merced
Date: September
Take part of the activities that are made due to the most important patron saint of the city. The celebration includes gastronomic fairs, sport, religious and tourist events that can enjoy locals and also visitors. To finish the party there is a burning of castles and there are fireworks.

Señor de los Milagros
Date: October
It's a religious festival that mix up the religious, costumbrist and tourist aspects of the city, and in the procession you can see the Senor de los Milagros on the streets, besides tours around the natural areas more emblematic of the city.

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Nightlife in Juanjui

Nightclubs in Juanjui

Discoteca Anaconda Sur
Location: Jr. San Miguel 450
Hours: 10:00 p.m. - 06: 00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday
Price: no available information
Spend an unforgettable moment with your friends having fun in Discoteca Anaconda Sur, enjoy the live shows with your favourite artists while you listen to modern music and taste diverse food 

Mangú Discotek
Location: Jr. Bello Horizonte 763
Hours: 03:00 p.m. to 03:00 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays
Price: no available information
Enjoy live music with the DJ, listen to hectic rythms, sharing with your friends some cocktails or beers, in Mangu Discotek you will have a lot of fun with your favourite artists. There are also competitions regularly and you can enjoy themed parties.

Location: Crossing poing of Jr. La Merced and Grimaldo Reategui
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information
At this bar you can enjoy cold beer, be fresh with the breeze that goes across the city and listen to the electronic music combinations in charge of the invited DJs. The prices are not so high and it's a bar located in the proximity to the city.

Karaoke Dominic
Location: Crossing point of Mariscal Castilla with Prolongacion Libertad
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information
If you look for a place where drink some beers before dancing or inviting to have a drink to someone special, Karaoke Dominic is the place you were looking for, since it provides a great variety of drinks and several methods of payment, so you don't have to go to a cash machine.

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