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About Pucallpa

History of Pucallpa

The name of this city comes from the quechua language and means “red-colored land”, a definition that corresponds with its red landscapes. It’s considered the second most important fluvial port of the Amazonia.
Pucallpa was colonized in 1840 by franciscan missionaries. During several years it was a little settlement isolated from the country.
It was founded on May the 23rd 1833, during the rubber fever.
In 1945 Pucallpa was connected with Tingo Maria by land.

Helpful information

The maximum temperature in Pucallpa is 100.4 °F (38 °C) and the minimum 75.2 °F (25 °C). In June takes place the “friaje de San Juan”, which lasts about 3 to 4 days.

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Tourist attractions of Pucallpa

Getting to Pucallpa

Plaza del Reloj Publico
Location: intersection between jirones Ucayali, Tacna, Tarapacá y 9 de diciembre
It’s an old “plaza de armas” of the city, that stands out for the big clock in a tower of 25 meters (82 feet). In the same tower there is a lighthouse that long time ago was used to guide the boats that arrived to this place.

Around Pucallpa

Laguna de Yarinacocha
Price: s/ 20 and s/ 10 for the guide
The lagoon is located at 6.2 mi (10 km) from Pucallpa. You will enjoy rides on a boat, fishing and resting at the sand beaches or getting to know the communities.

Bothanic Gardern Chullachaqui
Location: on the right side of the Yarinacocha lagoon.
There is amazonian flora and exotic animals. When you go through this garden, you can arrive to the Ishismi lake, where you can do rides on a boat and go fishing.

Cashibococha lagoon
Location: at 45 min from Pucallpa in a boat. It’s connected to Yarinacocha through a stream that you can sail in light boats and so get to know a little bit more of the daily life of the shipibas and cocamas.

Boquerón del Padre Abad
Location: at 114 mi (183 km) from Pucallpa
From this place you have a view over the famous Velo de la Novia and La Ducha del Diablo

Plazoleta La Lupuna
Location: at the km 4 going through the old highway of Yarinacocha
At this place stands out the huge “lupuna” (a tree from the intertropical area), that is 200 years old. If you look with attention, in one of the branches there is a metal cross that protects, according to the locals, from rare beingsas goblins and giant animals that used to come at night.

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Gastronomy of Pucallpa


El Viajero
Location: Jr. Libertad 374
Price: s/ 15
Phone: (061)575710
Hours: from 7:30 am to 5 pm
It’s a good place to take lunch and eat well. We recommend the dish “El viajero”.

Restaurante Los Rosales
Location: Mariscal Cáceres 389
Price: s/ 20
Phone: (061) 571246
Hours: from 11 am to 4 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm 
We recommend you to taste plates made of “doncella and palmito salad”.

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Accomodations in Pucallpa


Hospedaje Barbtur
Location: Raimondi 670
Price: s/ 13 to s/ 50
Phone: (061)572532
Little hostel owned by a family. Little but welcoming and tidy.


Hotel America
Location: Progreso 573
Price: from s/ 80 to s/ 140
Phone: (061)575989
Hotel located in a central and safe area. The rooms have air conditioning. There is a pool and breakfast.

Location: Av. Centenario, km 4800
Price: from s/ 130 to s/ 180
Phone: (061)577167
It’s a hotel surrounded of vegetation, where you can enjoy a calm stay with a nice staff. 


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Important dates in Pucallpa

Fiesta de San Juan
(June the 24th)
It’s a festival well-known due to the handicrafts, nautical competitions and competitions of typical dances, among others.

Anniversary of Pucallpa
(September 23rd to 30th)
It’s a festival where you can appreciate the typical handicrafts of the area as well as the gastronomy. Doubtless an excellent week to go to Pucallpa and enjoy their customs.

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Nightlife in Pucallpa

To have a drink

El Rincon Ingles
Location: Alamedas with Jr. Masisea
We recommend the refreshing drinks of the area.

Location: Jr. Inmaculada
Ecological bar where you can take pleasure in the delicious and aphrodisiac drinks made of amazonian fruits.

El Espejito
Location: Mariscal Caceres
It’s famous for the motorbikes you find at the entrance, El Espejito is the favourite place of the pop and rock lovers.

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How to get to Pucallpa by bus?

Location: Pucallpa is placed in the center of the Peruvian east. It’s the capital of Ucayali department and it’s located on the shores of the river with the same name of the department.

Travel by bus: to get to Pucallpa from Lima it’s a route of approximately 16 hours, going through the Carretera Central until La Oroya (km 175). On the way you will appreciate different landscapes of the Peruvian jungle. Tepsa and Movil Tours have this route to Pucallpa by bus in schedules from 12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.

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