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About Tarapoto

History of Tarapoto

The city was founded in August the 20th 1782 by the Spanish bishop Baltazar Jaime Martinez de Compagnon y Bujanda.
In the Suchiche lagoon there was abundant palm tree called Taraputus or barriguda, the name that the bishop took to found the city of Tarapoto.

From September the 14th 1906 the city began to be part of the San Martin department, fact that has allowed a great tourist and commercial development.

Helpful information

-It’s located at 356 meters at the bank of the Shicayo river.
-The average temperature of Tarapoto is 78.8 °F (26 °C) with a quite important humidity (around 80%).
-The rainy season goes from February to April.
- The best period to travel to Tarapoto is from June to September.

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Tourist Attractions in Tarapoto

Around Tarapoto

Location: at 15.5 mi (25 km) from Tarapoto (40 min by car)
The town of Lamas has a population that speak a particular language, a mix of quechua and jungle languages.
Many colonial constructions have disappeared with the earthquake of 2005. However, you can visit the artisans neighborhood, Kechwa Wayku and also a museum.

Waterfalls of Ahuashiyaku
Location: at 14 km from Tarapoto
The waterfall has a drop of 40 meters, a charming that reigns in this exotic natural space. Don’t you forget your swimsuit. There are many tours that propose this circuit at approximately 40 soles.

El Sauce lagoon/ Azul lagoon
Location: at 31 mi (50 km) from Tarapoto
Through the crystalline waters of the lagoon you can admire the abundant glade that surrounds it. The lakes are perfect to do promenades in canoe, swim, hikes for making pictures and birdwatching.
There are excursions of one or two days. Plan about 85 soles per person.
To get to the lake you can take a “combi” (from the neighborhood of Banda de Shilcayo to the east of the city) or a taxi destination Sauce. The route takes about 45 minutes. You must go across the river Hualaga by ferry and carry on by car for 45 minutes.

Lago Lindo
Location: at 40 km from Tarapoto
This private ecotourist reserve has four lagoons where you can appreciate the different birds species. There are bungalows to spend the whole day and relax.


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What to do in Tarapoto?

Mayo River
At 18.6 mi (30 km) from Tarapoto you can practice adventure sports as canoeing, for children older than 8 years old. With the rafting they will enjoy the backwaters, whirlpools and waves.
There are several agencies that organize those activities as Ecorutas or Kuriyacu. The prices oscillate from 70 to 100 soles.

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Gastronomy in Tarapoto

Typical dishes and drinks

- Juane de gallina. Traditional dish in San Juan festival that has a shape of tamal, but it’s prepared with rice, hen, eggs and it’s wrapped in a leaf called “bijao”.
- Avispajuane. Similar to the “juane de gallina”, but instead of egg this plate has ground meat.
- Tacacho con cecina y chorizo. Tacacho is the name for the fried banana, that is mashed and mixed up with pork fat and it’s served with “cecina”, the dried and smoked pork meat.
- Inchicapi. chicken soup with manioc, coriander and peanuts.

Restaurants in Tarapoto

Quilpa Tostaduria
Location: Jr. Leoncio Prado 155
Price: around 30 soles per dish
It’s a well-known restaurant, specially due to its authentic coffee, which is very tasty. They also propose snacks.

La Patarashca
Location: Jr. Lamas 261
Price: 13-32 soles per dish
We recommend you to taste the delicious juanes, typical in Tarapoto or the patarashcas (prawns or fish in a tomato sauce, with pepper, onion, garlic and coriander, all of it wrapped in a banana leaf).

El Rincon Sureno
Location: Leguia 458
Price: 20-63 soles
It’s the best restaurant of the city. It’s famous due to its delicious meat. We recommend you the “bife de chorizo”.

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Accomodations in Tarapoto


La Posada Inn
Location: San Martin, 146
Rate: 55-110 soles
The hotel is very beautiful and calm, although it’s located in the downtown. We recommend you to ask for a room with a balcony.


Hotel Nilas
Location: Jr. Moyobamba 173
Rate: 130-180 soles (breakfast included)
This establishment has a pool, a gym, a restaurant and even conference rooms.


Pumarinri Amazon Lodge
Location: at 18.6 mi (30km) to the east of Tarapoto, close to the Huallaga river
Rate: 159-309 soles (breakfast included)
The rooms are simple, but comfortable. It’s the perfect place to take a rest and enjoy the nature. They propose diverse hikes to do birdwatching.

Hotel Rio Shilcayo
Location: Pasaje Las Flores 224, La Banda de Shilcayo, San Martin

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Important dates in Tarapoto

Tourist Week
Tarapota has a tourist week in July, from the 8th to the 19th, when it’s celebrated the Santisima Cruz de los Motilones de Tarapoto, the patron saint of Tarapoto. In this festival you can appreciate typical dances, foods, handicrafts, that the visitor can participate in.

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Nightlife in Tarapoto

To have a drink

Location: Jr. San Martin 580, Morales
They accept the booking in advance and have outdoors tables.

La Alternativa
Location: Grau 401
This bar has “uvachado” (a Peruvian liquor) among other drinks made of cane alcohol.

Stonewasi Taberna
Location: Lamas 218
It’s the exclusive place of Tarapoto. You can listen to international rock and house music, while you have a drink in great company.

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How to get to Tarapoto by bus?

Tarapoto is located at 28 hours from Lima, in the north-eastern jungle.

The terrestrial transportation company that cover the route to Tarapoto are Tepsa, Civa and Movil Tours. The first bus leaves at 8:30 a.m. and the last leaves at 4:00 p.m. in a variety of daily schedules.

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