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Refund Insurance

Refund Insurance


  • The request of cancellation of the tickets, booked through Internet and call-center, will only be accepted until 24 hours before the departure of the bus We only accept to refund the ticket if the request complies with the present refund policy and when the request is accepted by our call-center. The refund request must be sent by the applicant via email to contacto@busportal.pe on the opening times: Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. After those hours the request will be taken with the following day date. The refund request will be evaluated and we will send you the acceptation or refusal via email.
  • The refund will only be accepted from the buyer of the tickets and if the refund request concerns all the tickets within the same transaction. If the demand concerns only part of the travelers, then the refund will not be available.
  • Tickets purchased through Internet or our call-center can only be refunded if paying the previous penalties.
  • Some bus companies, according to their refund policy, don't accept cancellations and just accept postponements. Refunds will not be accepted if the bus company does not allow Busportal to refund its bus tickets.
  • In some bus companies, the refund of the bus ticket(s) is only allowed during the 7 days following the date of purchase of the bus ticket. It won't be possible to cancel the bus tickets from the already mentioned bus companies, since they don't allow Busportal to refund their bus tickets when the term of 7 days after the purchase is exceeded.
  • The refund does not apply to the tickets that have been exchanged at the bus company. In that case the customer must communicate with the company responsible for the service the cancellation of the travel and the refund.
  • If you bought your ticket through PagoEfectivo or any other cash means of payment, we will proceed to the refund via a bank transfer or cash-deposit to the bank account of the purchaser.
  • The buyer is the only one that can be refunded. The refund will take between 3 to 20 week days.
  • Busportal cannot be responsible for the modification/cancellation of a service by the bus company. In case of cancellation of a bus service, the customer must communicate with the company responsible of the service for a change or a refund of the bus ticket.
  • In the case of modifications or postponements of the ticket, the customer must communicate directly with the bus company. We only accept the requests according to the companies’ policies. Busportal doesn't make modifications or postponements.
  • In the case of cancellation of bus tickets purchased with PerúBus, there is always a penalty of 15% of the tickets’ price; you can only request the cancellation of the ticket until 24 hours before the departure of the bus, keeping in mind the hours for request of cancellation in Busportal.
  • In the case of bus tickets purchased with Línea, cancellations or refunds are not accepted.


Withholding percentage with and without the refund guarantee.

You received the email of acceptation of your refund: WITHOUT REFUND GUARANTEE WITH REFUND GUARANTEE
Until 24 hours before the bus departure Penalty of 15% of the price of the ticket(s) no penalty
Less than 24 hours before the bus departure Not available Not available

  • The refund guarantee can be purchased on the last stage of the purchasing process of the ticket(s).
  • The price of the guarantee can be more expensive, depending on the currency you choose.
  • The refund guarantee can't be used when Busportal gets the request of cancellation after the 24 hours before the bus departure.
  • The refund guarantee doesn't apply to the companies PerúBus and Línea.


We will not take into account your refund request if it is not properly filled or if any information is missing. Send an email with the subject REEMBOLSO to contacto@busportal.pe, with the following details:

  • Email of the buyer:
  • Phone number of the buyer:

In the case you paid your ticket with cash, please add the following details:

  • Bank name and Account Number of the Buyer:
  • SWIFT / BIC Number of Buyer:
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