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Arequipa to Juliaca by bus

The travel from Arequipa to Juliaca takes about 5 hours, being a distance to go through of 167 mi (269 km). The terrestrial transportation company Civa covers this route, providing cheap bus tickets Arequipa - Juliaca at s/. 30 (the cost changes depending on the seasons). Buses leave from the Terminal Terrestre next to Av. Arturo Ibáñez, in Arequipa's center, on the schedule from 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., destination the terminal Jr. San Martín, in the central area of Juliaca. Upon arrival you will be very cold, because temperatures in Juliaca oscillate from 39 °F (4 °C) to 44 °F (7 °C), even if some warmest months it can reach maximum of 62 °F (17 °C). In June and July (coldest months of winter) temperatures can drop to less than 32 °F (0 °C). If you travel to Juliaca during those cold months, bring with you thermal clothes, wool sweaters, gloves for the hands, lipstick to protect your lips and cream for your face (the huge cold can chap them).

269 KMS

Arequipa Juliaca


Arequipa is known as the legal capital of Peru and also known as the "White City". This name comes from the style of the city's arquitecture using a white volcanic stone as the main material to build. Arequipa is one of the biggest cities in Peru and it's as well ranked 3rd destination of the country for its tourism. We advice you to visit the majestic Cathedral of Arequipa, the church of San Domingo and the Santa Catalina monastery. To have a nice view of the city, climb up to the Yanahuara view point. You can also visit the Misti volcano. If you are lucky, you will be there for the Arequipa carnival, one of the most well-known carnivals, celebrated in February and March.


Juliaca is located close to the Chacas lagoon, to the Titicaca lake, to the Marvillas river and to the ruins called "Las Chullpas de Sillustani". As a tourist city Juliaca offers many monuments and interest places as Santa Catalina church, whose construction was made in 1649, close to the Plaza de Armas. Another historic monument is the Convento Franciscano, that is also called Santa Bárbara. You can also visit the Galerías Las Calceteras, a famous market where you can adquire textile products hand made by the artisans of Juliaca.