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Arequipa to Tacna by bus

The route from Arequipa to Tacna is at a distance of 229 mi (369 km) that take to go across by bus approximately 5 hours. The bus operator that cover the route is Oltursa, providing bus tickets at s/ 29 and s/ 45, depending on the choice of service by the passenger. The buses leave at 6:30 a.m. from the Terrapuerto Internacional of Arequipa direction to the terminal of Tacna. The weather in Tacna is dry and the annual average temperature is 65,4 °F (18,6 °C). The city registers a rainy season from June to August.

369 KMS

Arequipa Tacna


Arequipa is known as the legal capital of Peru and also known as the "White City". This name comes from the style of the city's arquitecture using a white volcanic stone as the main material to build. Arequipa is one of the biggest cities in Peru and it's as well ranked 3rd destination of the country for its tourism. We advice you to visit the majestic Cathedral of Arequipa, the church of San Domingo and the Santa Catalina monastery. To have a nice view of the city, climb up to the Yanahuara view point. You can also visit the Misti volcano. If you are lucky, you will be there for the Arequipa carnival, one of the most well-known carnivals, celebrated in February and March.


Tacna is an unusual place: deserts and fertile valleys live together in the territory, creating unique landscapes between the coast and the mountain range, next to the border with Chile. The warm weather of the mornings allows to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the thermal waters and lagoons. On the “paseo cívico” (civic walk, a main street) are located many tourist attractions as the Cathedral of Tacna. We recommend you to taste the typical dish “picante a la tacneña”. You can also enjoy the vineyards, that produce wines and piscos of high quality for the exportation.