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The route from Camaná to Paracas is at a distance of 375 mi (604 km) and the travel takes about 9 hours on the highway. Oltursa is the main transportation company that covers this route, providing bus tickets from s/. 85 to s/. 135. Buses leave from the Calle Alfonso Ugarte, next to the Plaza de Armas of Camaná at 10:20 a.m., heading to Av. Paracas, located in the central area of Paracas city. The climate of Paracas is subtropical and desert, with an average temperature of 71 °F (22 °C) and it can reach 86 °F (30 °C) in summer warmest days.

604 KMS

Camaná Paracas


Camaná is located on the western center of Arequipa department and it's one of the 8 provinces that constitute it. The main tourist attraction is the beaches circuit that spreads along the Pacific Ocean. The most busy beaches are: La Punta, Camaná, Cerrillos, El Chorro and Las Cuevas. Camaná is famous for its archeological sites and traditional dishes. The Petroglifos of Quilca are also part of the archeological tourism and you can visit them in Camaná. Those "petroglifos" are big stones that photograph scenes of hunt by draws made by the ancient fishermen of the pre-Incan period. One of the typical dishes of the local gastronomy (considered one of the best of the South of Peru) is the "chupe de camarones"; it's a kind of shrimp soup.


Paracas is a port city with a rich marine diversity ecosystem, one of the main tourist attractions of the Peruvian South coast. In Paracas is located the "Reserva Nacional de Paracas", the only protected natural reserve of the country, where tourists can take trips to see dolphins, pinguins, sea dogs, birds and other species of the region. The beach city of Paracas stands out for the beauty of the edifications built close to the sea and for its subtropical climate, which allows a lot of activities to the visitors. At the Paracas nature reserve you will be able to discover the paracas culture and the archaeological remains during the pre Inka period as well as beautifull landscapes along the coast. The visit to the archaeological remains is part of the route through the cultural charm and beauty that Paracas can offer.