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Cañete to Ayacucho by bus

The journey from Canete to Ayacucho is at a distance of 281.4 mi (453 km) that take an estimation of 11 hours by land. The terrestrial transportation company Expreso Los Chankas covers this route providing bus tickets at s/ 30 and s/ 40. The buses of this company leave at 10:00 p.m. from the terminal located in front of the Grifo Flores destination to the city of Ayacucho. The weather in Ayacucho is cold and dry, with an average temperature of 59 °F (15 °C) and the rains are noticeable at the beginning and end of the year.

453 KMS

Cañete Ayacucho


The district of Canete is part of the department of Lima and takes its name from the abundance of "canaverales" (sugar cane) that found the Spanish. In the area they found traces of the Chavin and Tiahuanaco cultures. In the colonial period the Spanish refounded the city and took charge of the local population and in the republican period took place several geographic changes until the current shape. Among the main tourist attractions there are the Lunahuana valley, beaches as Leon Dormido, Cerro Azul or Incahuasi, archaeological site located in the proximity or the museum close to Huaca Malena. The typical dishes that the traveller can taste are "sopa seca con carapulcra", delicious "chicharrones con ensalada criolla" or a tasty "causa de pescado o camarones". The most important festivals of the town are the patron saint day San Vicente Martir in January, in October the celebration in honor of the Senor de los Milagros and in August the Semana Turistica de Canete that shows all the artistic, cultural and productive potential of the town. Canete is a place where the traveller will never be bored, since there are always activities to do.


"The City of Churches", as Ayacucho is known, is one of the main places of architecture and colonial art concentration. It's famous as well for the talent of its artisans on the creation of amazing altar pieces with Andean and religious motifs. Religiosity is an aspect that predominates on the culture of Ayacucho. This religious fervor is shown on the celebrations of Easter, where you can see the faithful people participate in dayly processions or visiting one of the 33 churches that Ayacucho has. Another important festivity is the Ayacucho carnival, where you'll find troupes with traditional costumes, a tasting of local dishes and the traditional folk music of Ayacucho.

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