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Chiclayo to Nueva Cajamarca by bus

To go from Chiclayo to Nuevo Cajamarca city you must go through a distance of 323 mi (520 km) on ground transportation. The travel lasts about 11 hours travelling with the transportation companies Excluciva and Civa, that have this itinerary on their bus list. The bus tickets cost from s/.56 and s/.110 and the buses leave from 5:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. from the terminal of Av. Francisco Bolognesi, placed in the Chiclayo centre. The arrival of the buses will be to a terminal on the central area of Nuevo Cajamarca city, next to the main roads of the city. The climate in Nuevo Cajamarca is tropical, with an average temperature of 73°F (23°C) throughout the year.

520 KMS

Chiclayo Nueva Cajamarca


Chiclayo is the capital of the Lambayeque Province, and it’s considered a key location of the commercial activity betweeen the coast, the mountain and the jungle of the North. The Chiclayo lands have been the crib of the Mochica culture, which was developped between the 1st and 7th centuries A.D. That’s why the Lambayeque department is one of the destinations of ample attraction for the archaeological tourism. The busiest places of the city are: the Plaza de Armas, the cathedral and the basilica of San Antonio. Chiclayo has also a diverse fauna and flora, that you can discover in your route in the ecological reserve of Chaparri. If you are looking for relax under the scorching sun and a refreshing marine breeze, you have the beach Pimentel, at 15 minutes by taxi, that welcomes the traveller with a beautiful landscape, the port and the crowded beach. Don’t you miss the chance of making archaeological, cultural and summer tourism in the city of Chiclayo and surroundings.

Nueva Cajamarca

Nueva Cajamarca is part of the Rioja province (San Martín Department), and it stands out for being the first Andean - Amazonian district, considering that its territory has geographic features of the mountain range and jungle. Nueva Cajamarca is located between Chachapoyas and Tarapoto, and that's why is a reference city and a stop for the traveller who wants to planify the exploration of the main destinations of the Amazonian region. The woods area that surrounds Nueva Cajamarca is inhabited by a rich fauna, with species as the "mono choro de cola amarilla" (a kind of monkey with yellow tail), the “oso de anteojos” (bear with glasses and the mythic “gallito de las rocas” (a representative bird of the Peruvian biodiversity). One of the main tourist places of Nueva Cajamarca is the Cuevas de Palestina (caves), an adventure luxury for the speleology lovers. Other tourism attractions you can not miss are the Cerro Mirador or the Mirador del Gallito de las Rocas (viewpoints).

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