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The travel from Chimbote to the Amazonian city of Chachapoyas can take about 18 hours, to go acroos the distance of 482 mi (777 km) on the highway. Civa is the main transport company that offers this route in its travel itinerary, with bus tickets from s/.72 to s/.88. Buses leave at 10:10 p.m. from the Terminal Terrestre of Chimbote, destination the terminal of Av. Salamanca, next to the Plaza de Armas of Chachapoyas. The weather in Chachapoyas is temperate and hot and there is a rainy season (from December to April). The average temperature is 66°F (19°C) throughout the year.

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Chimbote Chachapoyas


Chimbote, the capital of the Nueva Provincia de Santa is a port city of high commercial and industrial activity. Its recent history tell us that on the 20th century Chimbote was the first place of the fishing ports around the world. The city of Chimbote has a variety of tourism attractions: el Cerro de la Juventud, the Iglesia Catacumbas, the Museo de San Pedrito Pescador (a ship transformed and adapted to be a museum) and the Cerro Calaveras, a tourism viewpoint located at 100 meters of altitude. The Blanca Island is placed at 3 mi (5 km) from the coast, and it constitutes an ecological and tourist reserve shaped by a mountain that has no vegetation.


Chachapoyas is an Amazonian city located in the North-East of Peru, close to the Utcubamba river. Chachapoyas history is full of events, because it was the crib of the Chachapoyas culture, which was dominated by the incas during the pre-Hispanic period. It was during the colonization period that where built a lot of monuments and buildings that still exist nowadays and are part of the architectural appeal of the city. It's one of the oldest cities of Peru and also one of the first to be transformed in a capital of department, after the Independence wars. Inside the city you will have the chance of visiting the Plaza de Armas, which colonial charm transcends the time barriers through the mansions that surround it. There is also the Pozo de Yanacu (a well), whose waters have the power of making fall in love of Chachapoyas beauty to everyone that drinks them. Another places to visit on the outskirts of the city is the archaeological remains of Yalapé and the Cóndores lagoon.