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The travel from Chimbote to Jaén takes about 12 hours, going through a distance of 462 mi (743 km) on the highway. Civa is the transportation company that covers this route, providing bus tickets from s/. 110 to s/. 130, depending on the type of service chosen. You can board the bus in the Terminal Terrestre de Chimbote at 9:50 p.m. In Jaén the terminal is located close to the Plaza de Armas; from there you can access easily to all the services for visitors. We recommend you to bring all you need for the tropical climates in Jaén, temperatures are high with sunny days and strong rains.

743 KMS

Chimbote Jaen


Chimbote, the capital of the Nueva Provincia de Santa is a port city of high commercial and industrial activity. Its recent history tell us that on the 20th century Chimbote was the first place of the fishing ports around the world. The city of Chimbote has a variety of tourism attractions: el Cerro de la Juventud, the Iglesia Catacumbas, the Museo de San Pedrito Pescador (a ship transformed and adapted to be a museum) and the Cerro Calaveras, a tourism viewpoint located at 100 meters of altitude. The Blanca Island is placed at 3 mi (5 km) from the coast, and it constitutes an ecological and tourist reserve shaped by a mountain that has no vegetation.


Jaén is one of the warmest cities of the country, with a hot weather of frequent rains throughout the year. Jaén is perfect for the ecotourism practice for its location; there you can find beautiful landscapes plenty of flora and fauna. The main tourist attractions inside the city are the Cathedral and the Museum Hermógenes Mejía Solf. Outside the city there are the thermal waters of Almendral, a precinct of healing and rest for the visitors. The Botanical Garden is another place you must visit if you want to know more about the different plants variety of the region.