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Chincha to Arequipa by bus

From Chincha to Arequipa city there are 507 mi (816 km) of distance by land. The travel takes about 13 hours, with the company Civa, the one that covers this itinerary. The cost of the bus tickets goes from s/.60 to s/.100. The buses leave from 4:10 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. The boarding will be at the terminal of Panamericana Sur, in the center of Chincha city. The arrival will be to the Terminal Terrestre, placed in the urban centre of Arequipa. The climate of Arequipa is temperate and dry, with temperatures that don't go over 77°F (25°C) and don't descend under 50°F (10°C).

816 KMS

Chincha Arequipa


Chincha, crib of the Afro-peruvian culture in our country, gives a wide variety of local attractions, as the Festival Verano Negro, in February, where the colours, luxury and gallantry drawn in beautiful poetry invade the streets of the city center, going with a unique and traditional flavor of the Chincha's music. The city of the "cajón peruano" (an instrument that consists of a wooden box and you play with your hands) offers a gastronomic variety, being its typical dish "la sopa seca", made of noodles, spices and hen; it comes with the famous "carapulcra", that will leave a unique experience in our palate. If you are a devoted person, the Melchorita Sanctuary is waiting for you, known for her help to sick and humble people. The old people tell that, after her death, people came to her residence and, when they prayed and showed their faith, miracles were given to them, and it took the attention of lots of people, that's why actually it's a holiness and devotion center. You will learn how the grapes are transformed in good wine, visiting wineries and vineyard, spread the long of the town; Chincha is a wonderful alternative if you wish to taste a tasty mature wine or our native Peruvian Pisco.


Arequipa is known as the legal capital of Peru and also known as the "White City". This name comes from the style of the city's arquitecture using a white volcanic stone as the main material to build. Arequipa is one of the biggest cities in Peru and it's as well ranked 3rd destination of the country for its tourism. We advice you to visit the majestic Cathedral of Arequipa, the church of San Domingo and the Santa Catalina monastery. To have a nice view of the city, climb up to the Yanahuara view point. You can also visit the Misti volcano. If you are lucky, you will be there for the Arequipa carnival, one of the most well-known carnivals, celebrated in February and March.