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Chincha to Pisco by bus

The route from Chincha to the city of Pisco takes about 1 hour, going through the distance of 40 mi (64 km) by bus. PeruBus is a terrestrial transportation company that covers this route, providing bus tickets at the low-cost rate of s/ 4. The buses leave from the terminal of Av. Mariscal Benavides in Chincha direction to the terminal of Av. Ernesto Diez Canseco in Pisco. The weather in Pisco is desert, and the average temperature is 66.2 °F (19 °C) and rains are unusual, it's recommended to have sunscreen and water to be hydrated.

64 KMS

Chincha Pisco


Chincha, crib of the Afro-peruvian culture in our country, gives a wide variety of local attractions, as the Festival Verano Negro, in February, where the colours, luxury and gallantry drawn in beautiful poetry invade the streets of the city center, going with a unique and traditional flavor of the Chincha's music. The city of the "cajón peruano" (an instrument that consists of a wooden box and you play with your hands) offers a gastronomic variety, being its typical dish "la sopa seca", made of noodles, spices and hen; it comes with the famous "carapulcra", that will leave a unique experience in our palate. If you are a devoted person, the Melchorita Sanctuary is waiting for you, known for her help to sick and humble people. The old people tell that, after her death, people came to her residence and, when they prayed and showed their faith, miracles were given to them, and it took the attention of lots of people, that's why actually it's a holiness and devotion center. You will learn how the grapes are transformed in good wine, visiting wineries and vineyard, spread the long of the town; Chincha is a wonderful alternative if you wish to taste a tasty mature wine or our native Peruvian Pisco.


Pisco is one of the oldest cities of the coast and it's famous owing to its agricultural industry and wine making; the wine and piscos are the products that enjoy the popularity among the settlers and visitors, due to its handmade preparation of high quality. The most visited places by tourists are: El Candelabro (geoglyph similar to the Nazca lines), the Cathedral (natural monument made by the marine erosion), Tambo Colorado (where you will see the archaeological remains of an inca settlement), and Islas Ballestas (nature ecosystem with the main animal species of the area). Pisco is also a destination for the adventure lovers, because its strong winds allow the surf practice, among other sports. The beaches of the Pacific seashore close this route through the natural charm that Pisco offers you.