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Copacabana to Puno by bus

The travel from Copacabana to Puno takes about 3 hours, going through the distance of 89 mi (143 km). Huayruro Tours is the terrestrial transportation company which sells bus tickets for this route, at rates from s/ 45 to s/ 55. The buses leave at 6:00 p.m. from the terminal located in Av. 16 de Julio, close to the Plaza Sucre, destination the terrestrial terminal placed on the urban area of the city. The climate in Puno is quite cold, since it presents an average temperature of 46 °F (8 °C) and there are rains at the begining and end of the year.

143 KMS

Copacabana Puno


Copacabana takes its name from the Hispanicization of a pre-Columbian deity called Copakawana, quite similar to Afrodita, the Greek deity of beauty, love and fertility. It's located at 93 mi (150 km) from La Paz and it's a place quite interesting to learn about the culture and traditions of the Titicaca lake populations, as well as a catholic pilgrimage place. When you go through the city you can appreciate the impressive church of Virgen de Copacabana, a baroque and Renaissance style construction with more than 4 centuries of history; El Calvario is a hill of 900 meters of height that people ascend in Easter and offers a panoramic and unforgettable view of the city; the beach of Copacabana is formed by the Titicaca lake, which allows the entrance to diverse islands as the Isla del Sol, where you can get to know the native quechua and aymara settlers who still preseve their culture from centuries ago. Thanks to its geographic location, Copacabana has several places to taste international and regional food; youshould taste "picante" with several types of meat, a delicious trout, specialty of the Titicaca lake or a "sajta de gallina" with peanuts. Visit this interesting city and enjoy everything the bolivian city offers you.


Puno is the 4th city in flow of tourists of Perú and it's the crib of one of the most important folklor festivals of the Peruvian culture, La Virgen de la Candelaria; She is visited every year by thousands of tourists, national and foreigners. This festival was declared in 2014 Humanity Immaterial Patrimony by the UNESCO. Puno is known as the "folkloric Capital of Peru and of America". Puno also stands out for the archaeological monuments the city has, because Puno was part of the territories where the Tiahuanaco culture was extended. Another reason that makes of Puno a tourist destination so important is the presence of the Titicaca lake, that represents its biggest attraction. In this lake, located between Peru and Bolivia, you can find the Uros artificial islands, inhabited by the descendants of the first settlers of the region. Homestay tourism is waiting for you, live the culture, the dances, the tradition and the adventure that Puno hides for you!

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