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Huancabamba to Canchaque by bus

The route from Huancabamba to Canchaque is at a distance of 68 km which take about 4 hours by land. The terrestrial transportation company Civa covers this route, providing bus tickets at s/ 25 and s/ 40. The buses leave from the Terminal Terrestre located in the downtown of the city direction to the terminal located in Jr. San Martin in Canchaque. The average temperature of Canchaque is 71.6 °F (22 °C) and has a moderate level of rains during the year, reason why it's recommended to pack light clothes and of pale colours, besides taking and umbrella and a raincoat for the precipitations.

68 KMS

Huancabamba Canchaque


Huancabamba is the capital of the province of the same name, located in the North-East of Peru. Inside the urban area the main tourist attractions are: the Plaza de Armas and San Pedro Church, that preserves an old clock and an inpressive tower of panoramic view. You may also visit the Museo Municipal, where remain the archaeological rests of the Huancapampa culture. Outside the city, the charms of Huancabamba are multiplied in a huge variety of natural attractions. The main of those attractions is "Las Huaringas", a set of 14 ponds known for its therapeutic and magic - religious potential, where the shamans and healers of the region go to practice rituals of flowering and purification. The most important ponds are Shimbe, la Negra and the Inca Pond. To get there the traveller must do a tour by foot or on horseback. Another mystic destination is the Valley of Infiernillos, a place where the rock formations reproduce strange natural forms of an usual beauty. The waterfall of El Sitán is another of the natural landscapes that wait for you in Huancabamba.


Canchaque has been recognized as the tourist capital of the Piura district. In this region a delicious coffee is grown and exported to Europe. Various fruits are cultivated, as the custard apple and lucuma. It's also an abundant vegetation area, where we find trees as poplars. Besides that in Canchaque there are multiple routes to do trekking, with diverse levels of difficulty and in those tours you can admire waterfalls as Los Perales or Chorro Blanco and petroglyphs as El Diablo. In those routes you can as well admire a variety of butterflies, among other animals. Among the festivals, we stand out the Anniversary, Canchaque was founded in September the 5th 1904 and every year at this date it's celebrated with sports and cultural and religious activities and fraternity lunches. We stand out the Virgen del Carmen and San Juan Bautista, in July and June. It's a place of leafy vegetation and a lot of nature to admire.

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