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The travel from Huaura to Chulucanas is at a distance of 585 mi (941 km) and it takes about 14 hours on the highway. Civa is the main transportation company that covers this route, with bus tickets from s/. 80 to s/. 110. Buses leave on the schedule from 5:00 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. from the terminal of Av. San Martín in Huaura destination to the terminal located close to the Plaza de Armas of Chulucanas. The climate of Chulucanas is subtropical, warm and humid, and the average temperature is 77 °F (25 °C).

941 KMS

Huaura Chulucanas


Huaura is a historical town, known for being the crib of Peru's Independence, because next to its Plaza de Armas is located the balcony house from where the liberator José de San Martín proclaimed for the first time the Independence of Peru on November the 27th 1820. Every year the inhabitants of Huaura celebrate the anniversary of this key moment of the Peruvian History with a dramatization of the proclaim in the balcony - house. Huaura is also known for the healing capacity of the thermal baths of Picoy, where the tourists and locals arrive to relax or ease any pain. Out of the urban area you can visit the ecological areas of "Lomas de Lachay" and "Albufera de Medio Mundo", where the visitor may learn more about the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the coastal region.


Chulucanas is a city of the North coast of Peru, known for being the crib of the greatest potter masters of the region. It's also famous due to its agricultural production, industry where the lemon and mango stand out, considered the fruits of the highest quality of the country. Under the sun of Chulucanas, you will be able to do experiential tourism, learning about the pottery workshops, where the potter families of the tallanes(indigenous ethnic group of Piura) give life to gorgeous representative objets of the pottery art of the country. If you look for knowing the panorama that Chulucanas offers to you, you should visit the view point of Cerro Ñacará, from where you will see all the extension of the valley. One of the main festivals of the city is "el Día del Artesano" (the craftsman day) in March; this time the people honour the labor made from generation to generation by the talented potter masters of Chulucanas. In your step in Chulucanas don't you miss the "seco de cabrito" and the famous drink of the North of the country, "chicha de jora".

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