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From Ica to Mollendo there are 398 mi (640 km) that take about 11 hours of travel. Tepsa, the terrestrial transportation company, sells bus tickets for this route at s/ 90 and s/ 115. The buses leave at 7:15 p.m. from the terminal located in Calle Lambayeque in Ica, destination to the terminal placed in the urban area of Mollendo. The climate in Mollendo is desert, with an average temperature of 66.2 °F (19 °C) and has a level of rains quite low, so take in your luggage light colors clothes and sunscreen to protect you from the UV rays.

640 KMS

Ica Mollendo


Adventure is waiting for you on the desserts of Ica, where the visitors can enjoy the practice of sandboard and the rides in tubular cars on the surroundings of an incredible oasis, on the outskirts of the city. The Huacachina pond is the name of the oasis, and is considered for many as one of the main tourist attractions of Ica, which is a principal wine-making center of the country, because there are numerous countrysides where you can find the most exquisite wine and pisco, both of very high quality and renown at the national and international level.


Mollendo belongs to the province of Islay and in the pre-Columbian period its territory was controlled by the Chiribaya culture. In the incan period diverse tribes were settled there, but it was always important its proximity to the sea, that turned it into the second port in the republic period; because of it different cultures from around the world came to the town with their customs and styles, reflected in diverse constructions of the city. The attractions that will capture every traveller are the beautiful beaches of fine sand as the Primera Playa, which has the entertainment of Complejo Turistico Playa Uno or Segunda Playa, the pier Ratti with an unforgettable twilight, or the Mejia lakes where you can observe falshy animal species. The most representative dish is the "perol de mariscos", a delight that combines wafer and limpets with "ceviche de pescado" and "chicharron de pulpo", "zarza de lapas" and "sudado de machas", that are quite appetizing. The most important festival of Mollendo is the anniversary of the city in January that includes religious celebrations, parades, folklore dances and a competition of beauty and it lasts several days; other festivals are Easter and Fiestas Patrias. In Mollendo you will enjoy a relaxing and happy stay, admiring the twilight on the beach and tasting the delicious food of the place.

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