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The travel from the sunny city of Ica to the traditional and folkloric Puno takes about 18 hours, going through the distance of 624 mi (1004 km). The company Civa covers this route, with bus tickets from s/. 100 to s/. 140. The buses leave from the terminal located in Av. Lambayeque, close to the central area of Ica city, in the schedule from 5:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. In the destination city, Puno, the buses will arrive to the Terminal Terrestre located in the areas close to the shore of the Titicaca lake. The climate of Puno is characterized for being very chilly and dry, even if there is sunshine during the day. Our recommendation is to be prepared for the frozen nights with waterproof and warm clothes.

1004 KMS

Ica Puno


Adventure is waiting for you on the desserts of Ica, where the visitors can enjoy the practice of sandboard and the rides in tubular cars on the surroundings of an incredible oasis, on the outskirts of the city. The Huacachina pond is the name of the oasis, and is considered for many as one of the main tourist attractions of Ica, which is a principal wine-making center of the country, because there are numerous countrysides where you can find the most exquisite wine and pisco, both of very high quality and renown at the national and international level.


Puno is the 4th city in flow of tourists of Perú and it's the crib of one of the most important folklor festivals of the Peruvian culture, La Virgen de la Candelaria; She is visited every year by thousands of tourists, national and foreigners. This festival was declared in 2014 Humanity Immaterial Patrimony by the UNESCO. Puno is known as the "folkloric Capital of Peru and of America". Puno also stands out for the archaeological monuments the city has, because Puno was part of the territories where the Tiahuanaco culture was extended. Another reason that makes of Puno a tourist destination so important is the presence of the Titicaca lake, that represents its biggest attraction. In this lake, located between Peru and Bolivia, you can find the Uros artificial islands, inhabited by the descendants of the first settlers of the region. Homestay tourism is waiting for you, live the culture, the dances, the tradition and the adventure that Puno hides for you!