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The route from Lambayeque to Guayaquil is at a distance of 450 mi (725 km) and takes about 15 hours on the highway. Civa is the transportation company that covers this route, offering bus tickets from s/. 91 to s/. 111. The buses leave at 4:30 p.m. from Av. Ramón Castilla in the center of Lambayeque; their destination is Terminal Terrestre in the central area of Guayaquil. The climate of Guayaquil is warm and tropical, sunny most of the year, with temperatures that fluctuate between 77 °F (25 °C) and 82 °F (28 °C).

725 KMS

Lambayeque Guayaquil


Lambayeque is a city capital of the province with the same name, inside the department with the same name. Rich in history, the city of Lambayeque stands out for being the crib of one of the pre-Columbian cultures more important of the North Coast (and of the other Peruvian regions): the Chimú culture. This culture is direct descendant of a civilization much more ancient, whose origins are from the mythical. Sicán is the name of this ancestral civilization, which is believed arrived to the Peruvian coasts coming from unknown lands through the sea (7th century). Between the most recommended places to visit are the following: the Cathedral, close to the main park, the Municipality Palace, the San Pedro church, the museums Bruning and Tumbas Reales de Sipán, where rest the most important archaeological remains of the moche and chimú cultures. Walking through the city, you will discover viceroyalty mansions well preserved as the Casa Cuneo or the Casa Descalzi. The gastronomical tradition of Lambayeque won't leave you indifferent; in each vegetable soup you will taste the originality and variety of the Northern flavor.


Guayaquil, also known as the “Pacific Pearl”, is the political and economic capital of Equator. It’s considered one of the most important ports in South America. Thanks to the privilege climate of Guayaquil, the city can be visited at any season of the year, because there are no extreme temperatures; nevertheless, the climate is more humid in winter (from January to May). In the central area of Guayaquil there are some tourist attractions more protruding, as the Malecón Simón Bolívar (pier) or the Barrio las Peñas (neighborhood), known for its colonial architecture and the bohemian nightlife. Besides, at one hour from Guayaquil you can enjoy the natural pools of Varadero beach, which have an environment of nice climate and good food.