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Lambayeque to Nueva Cajamarca by bus

From Lambayeque to Nueva Cajamarca there are 317.5 mi (511 km) of distance that take about 11 hours of travel by bus. The terrestrial transportation company Civa covers this route, providing bus tickets at rates of s/ 50 and s/ 100. The buses leave from 5:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. from the terminal of Av. Ramon Castilla in Lambayeque destination to the terminal located in the urban area of Nueva Cajamarca. The weather in Nueva Cajamarca is tropical, with an average temperature of 73.4 °F (23 °C); the rain level is plentiful, so the umbrella will be helpful during your trip.

511 KMS

Lambayeque Nueva Cajamarca


Lambayeque is a city capital of the province with the same name, inside the department with the same name. Rich in history, the city of Lambayeque stands out for being the crib of one of the pre-Columbian cultures more important of the North Coast (and of the other Peruvian regions): the Chimú culture. This culture is direct descendant of a civilization much more ancient, whose origins are from the mythical. Sicán is the name of this ancestral civilization, which is believed arrived to the Peruvian coasts coming from unknown lands through the sea (7th century). Between the most recommended places to visit are the following: the Cathedral, close to the main park, the Municipality Palace, the San Pedro church, the museums Bruning and Tumbas Reales de Sipán, where rest the most important archaeological remains of the moche and chimú cultures. Walking through the city, you will discover viceroyalty mansions well preserved as the Casa Cuneo or the Casa Descalzi. The gastronomical tradition of Lambayeque won't leave you indifferent; in each vegetable soup you will taste the originality and variety of the Northern flavor.

Nueva Cajamarca

Nueva Cajamarca is part of the Rioja province (San Martín Department), and it stands out for being the first Andean - Amazonian district, considering that its territory has geographic features of the mountain range and jungle. Nueva Cajamarca is located between Chachapoyas and Tarapoto, and that's why is a reference city and a stop for the traveller who wants to planify the exploration of the main destinations of the Amazonian region. The woods area that surrounds Nueva Cajamarca is inhabited by a rich fauna, with species as the "mono choro de cola amarilla" (a kind of monkey with yellow tail), the “oso de anteojos” (bear with glasses and the mythic “gallito de las rocas” (a representative bird of the Peruvian biodiversity). One of the main tourist places of Nueva Cajamarca is the Cuevas de Palestina (caves), an adventure luxury for the speleology lovers. Other tourism attractions you can not miss are the Cerro Mirador or the Mirador del Gallito de las Rocas (viewpoints).

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