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The distance from Nazca to Tacna is 488 mi (785 km) and it takes about 11 hours of travel on the highway. Tepsa is the main transportation company that covers this destination, offering bus tickets from s/. 70 to s/. 105. The buses leave at 9:30 p.m. from the terminal of Lima street in the center of Nazca. Their destination is the terminal located in the outskirts of Tacna city. The climate of Tacna is dry, with a rainy season from June to August. The maximum temperature is 89 °F (32 °C) and the minimum 50 °F (10 °C).

785 KMS

Nazca Tacna


The city of Nazca is located in a valley on the central South of Peru. It is one of the most cosmopolite region of Peru due to the flow of tourist and mining activity, the basis of its growing economical development. The temperature in Nazca is pleasant. It is almost sunny all year and that's why Nazca is known as the "city of the eternal summer". You can also visit the lines of Nazca, famous in the entire world. This lines represent animals and plants drawing that you will be able to see a 1.500 feet above the ground floor. The Cahuachi citadel is another archaeological center in the tourist and archaeological route that Nazca offers and it was a ceremonial set of the ancient Nazca's people. You may visit the Cantalloc acueducts, which were built by the Nazca culture for the optimization of the agricultural systems and that still are operating.


Tacna is an unusual place: deserts and fertile valleys live together in the territory, creating unique landscapes between the coast and the mountain range, next to the border with Chile. The warm weather of the mornings allows to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the thermal waters and lagoons. On the “paseo cívico” (civic walk, a main street) are located many tourist attractions as the Cathedral of Tacna. We recommend you to taste the typical dish “picante a la tacneña”. You can also enjoy the vineyards, that produce wines and piscos of high quality for the exportation.