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The travel from Paracas to Pisco takes about half an hour and you go through 19.8 mi (32 km) that separate those cities. The terrestrial transportation company that covers this route is PerúBus, that sells bus tickets at s/ 8 for its clients. Everyday there are buses in 2 shcedules, 10:25 a.m. and 4:40 p.m. from the terminal of Av. Paracas, direction to the city of Pisco, to the terminal Av. Ernesto Diez Canseco. The weather in Pisco is desert, with an average temperature of 66.7 °F (19.3 °C). There are rare precipitations, but September is the most rainy season. We recommend you to pack varied clothes for your stay in Pisco.

32 KMS

Paracas Pisco


Paracas is a port city with a rich marine diversity ecosystem, one of the main tourist attractions of the Peruvian South coast. In Paracas is located the "Reserva Nacional de Paracas", the only protected natural reserve of the country, where tourists can take trips to see dolphins, pinguins, sea dogs, birds and other species of the region. The beach city of Paracas stands out for the beauty of the edifications built close to the sea and for its subtropical climate, which allows a lot of activities to the visitors. At the Paracas nature reserve you will be able to discover the paracas culture and the archaeological remains during the pre Inka period as well as beautifull landscapes along the coast. The visit to the archaeological remains is part of the route through the cultural charm and beauty that Paracas can offer.


Pisco is one of the oldest cities of the coast and it's famous owing to its agricultural industry and wine making; the wine and piscos are the products that enjoy the popularity among the settlers and visitors, due to its handmade preparation of high quality. The most visited places by tourists are: El Candelabro (geoglyph similar to the Nazca lines), the Cathedral (natural monument made by the marine erosion), Tambo Colorado (where you will see the archaeological remains of an inca settlement), and Islas Ballestas (nature ecosystem with the main animal species of the area). Pisco is also a destination for the adventure lovers, because its strong winds allow the surf practice, among other sports. The beaches of the Pacific seashore close this route through the natural charm that Pisco offers you.