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Pucallpa to Tingo Maria by bus

The travel from Pucallpa to Tingo Maria lasts about 6 hours by bus, going through the 154.7 mi (249 km) by land. Tepsa is a terrestrial transportation company that covers this route, with bus tickets at the rate of s/ 40. Their buses leave at 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. from the terminal located in Av. Centenario in Pucallpa, destination to the terminal of Tingo Maria, in the Av. Antonio Raymondi. The climate is tropical in Tingo Maria, reason why the city presents plentiful precipitations throughout the year, but the level of rains drop from June to August. The average temperature is 76 °F (24.4 °C), we recommend you to keep it in mind and pack light clothes, without forgetting your umbrella.

249 KMS

Pucallpa Tingo Maria


Pucallpa is a destination of lush vegetation for ecological tourism and exotic adventure. It's located on the central-eastern part of Peru and it's the capital of Ucayali department. You can appreciate its rich flora and fauna along the rain-forest, which has teritories of virgin rain-forest, where the human hand has not arrived yet. Tourists are welcome in the indigenous communities, who maintain alive the ancestral traditions of the first inhabitants of the Amazonian region. Let out your adventure spirit ploughing through the flow of the Ucayali river and contemplate the magnitude of the jungle's diversity; you can share the mysticism of the shipiba culture and visit the exotic hotels and rest places that the red-colored land of Pucallpa offers you!

Tingo Maria

Tingo Maria is a city in the center of Peru, that belongs to the department of Huanuco. In this city there are various caves as Lechuzas or Las Pavas, waterfalls as El Velo de las Ninfas or Gloriapata and landscapes as the image of La Bella Durmiente, which is the outline of a woman that the mountains draw. This curious formation can be observed from the Cerro de San Cristobal, as well as the whole city. The Plaza de Armas is a must-see, with an arch that represents the entrance to the Peruvian Amazonia. If you wish you can taste the typical dishes of the region as "juane, tacacho con cecina" and "chilcano de carachama". In October the 15th the settlers celebrate its foundation with music shows, artisan fairs, parades, dances, beauty competitions and a gastronomic festival, among others. Another big festival is San Juan -very celebrated in all the jungle in the second two weeks of June-, that shows great tradition and typical dances and gastronomic festival. Tingo Maria surprise us with its biodiversity and adventure tourism; it's a wonder for the nature lovers.

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