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The route from Tumbes to Piura is at a distance of 179 mi (289 km) and it takes about 5 hours. The transportation company Oltursa covers this route, between its destinations, giving bus tickets from s/. 35 to s/. 145. The buses leave in the schedule from 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. from the terminal of Av. Bolognesi, close to the Plaza de Armas of Piura. The climate in Piura is desert and warm, with a temperature that oscillates from 88 °F (31 °C) to 64 °F (18 °C). The warmest summers the thermal sensation can reach 104 °F (40 °C).

289 KMS

Tumbes Piura


Tumbes is located close to the mouth of the Tumbes river, on the Guayaquil gulf, not far from the border with Ecuador. Due to its location, Tumbes has a semi-tropical climate, sunny most of the year. Tumbes has a beautiful littoral, composed mostly by a high diversity of ecosystems, among the ones are the mangroves and the tropical wood of the Pacific. It’s the perfect area for practicing nautical sports and eco-tourism. Inside the city, the main tourist attractions are the breakwater, the main square and the Plazuela Bolognesi.


Piura is the capital of the Piura region. It is located in the center West of the region in the "Valle del río Piura" (river Piura's valley) at the north of the biggest peruvian desert, Sechura, very close to the Equator border. Piura is considered as one of the best places in Peru to eat a cevicheand the variety of fish and shellfish. Some says the secret of their food comes from the way they are seasonning...Piura is also known for its warm climate and is named the city of the "eternal summer". Besides, Piura counts with various museums of religious art and pre-Columbian pottery, as many galleries where you can appreciate the paintings of the most famous artists. In Piura stands the famous house museum of the admiral Miguel Grau, the hero of the Pacific war.