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Data Use Policy

Data Use Policy

Our objective aims to build Busportal as a website you can trust. Busportal is a search engine helping the users saving time and money allowing them to search and compare in an accurate and easy way most of the bus offer locally.

The form we are asking our users to fill is based on an arbitrary decision and we might use the user data for means of improvements of the entire bus Industry. We are not asking the user to subscribe to use Busportal in order to keep it as easy and simple as we can.

1. Personal Information

  • Busportal keeps all the user’ personal information in order to be able to send them customized advertising or use it to improve its services. This personal information includes all the arbitrary data provided by the user such as the name, forename, email, travel information and gender. All the data provided is guaranteed by the user to be accurate and authorized. Therefore the user assumes the responsibility of any information provided on the website including personal data, comments and publications. Busportal will never show, give or sell the users’ name and forename to third parties that are not part of the Busportal team. Busportal will be able to use users data’ with third parties. However this data will never include any information concerning the personal identity of the user.

2. Links to third parties web pages

  • We are working with third parties known for the reliability of their services and professionalism. However, their personal data policies might be different than ours. Once you are clicking on a link published on our website redirecting to our supplier’ website, Busportal data policy no longer apply to the user. Therefore, we highly recommend our users to read the supplier’s data policy if they are being redirected to one of our supplier’ website.

3. About our user’s emails

  • Except in the case of important travel information, administrative communication and bus tickets information, Busportal will not use the emails of its users without their authorization. If the user provides us the authorization to use its email for other means, he will receive meaningful information; including customized promotions of Busportal, of one of our supplier or of one of our advertising service. If the user does not want to receive the promotions anymore, he will just have to follow the instructions appearing on the promotional email.

4 Secured word

  • Busportal always tries to make the necessary to keep confidential the users information.. However, the use of Internet is partly risky for user’s data and Busportal cannot guarantee users data’s are 100% protected. Indeed it is a possibility that someone gets into the system illegally to access personal data. In this context, Busportal recommends no to forget closing the session once opened and avoid using public computers.

5 IP addresses

  • Like it is widely common online, we are using the Ip address of the user in order to calculate the duration of the visits, gather general data about the use of Busportal, and the most visited pages. This helps us to improve Busportal day by day.

6. Cookies

  • When a user is navigating on Busportal, it is possible that we identify him with cookies in order to gather information about the web session. Cookies are files sent from our webpage to the hard disc of each visitors or user.

7. Final dispositions

  • When the user is using Busportal, he accepts he has been reading and agreed to the presented data use policy. Busportal keeps the right to modify at any moment its data use policy. If the user keeps on using Busportal after we made changes to our data use policy, it will mean the user accepted the changes. If the user has any question concerning our data use policy, he can send an email to
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